Kitebi Teenage Centre

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This is the official website of the Kitebi Teenage Centre (KTC). The KTC is a community based youth organization connected to Kitebi KCC Health Centre Mutundwe parish, Kitebi zone in Rubaga Division (Kampala, Uganda).

It is registerd since February 2003 (Reg No LUB/110) and cooperates in a strong synergistic relationship with the Health Centre.


Its mission is to improve the health, social and economic standards of young people Rubaga Division.


Kitebi Teenage Centre envisions a healthy and industrious generation.

Area of Operation

The Teenage Centre operates in Rubaga Division, which currently has a population of 400.000 people. Our target is to reach 65% of the above population which comprises youths 10-24 years, parents of youths 10-24 years, spouses of 15-24 years, teachers, matrons and wardens of youths 10-24 years and employers of youths 15-24 years.



1. To formulate and implement youth initiatives towards health, social and economic development.

2. To prevent and reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS.

3. To reduce the incidence sexually transmitted infections and teenage pregnancies.

4. To reduce the incidence of drug and substance abuse, juvenile delinquencies and youth involvement in crime and other risky behaviours like prostitution.

5. To initiate and implement projects for promotion of sustainable development.

6. To promote the right to access for children orphans, youths with disabilities and other socially disadvantaged youths to the basic needs like food, shelter, education, clothing and employment opportunities regardless of their gender or health status.